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Unspoken or Unsaid?

What is the difference between Unspoken and Unsaid? This is a question posed in the novel I just finished by Neil Abramson, called “Unsaid”. I don’t often read fiction.  Perhaps it’s because I’m more of an information-gatherer type of person, however this novel really captured me.  Perhaps it’s because of the focus on animals, or perhaps it’s because of it’s scientific side. (I’m a sucker for science-speak — I guess that’s my ‘nerdy’ side.) Regardless, I would say it was well worth the read.  I got a little of...

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Visit An Animal Shelter If You Want A Pet

If you have made the decision to add a pet to your family, first check your local animal shelter. They not only have dogs and cats, but other animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils. Pets end up in an animal shelter for many reasons. These animals would love to be adopted and brought home to become part of a family.

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My Dog Just Won’t Listen to Me

This seminar is one of DogGuru signature topics. Cheryl the DogGuru is the author of the forthcoming book by the same name.   Have you ever complained to your friends or family, that your dog just won’t listen to you? Are you or your family tired of having your dog run your household? Does your dog steal food or clothing or other belongings, get into the garbage, or worse? Has he or she ever growled or snapped at you or anyone else? Wouldn’t it be nice to have guests come into your house without getting barked at or jumped on? Don’t you wish you could walk down the street without...

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12 Tips of Christmas

Everyone has heard of the 12 Days of Christmas… well I decided to have some fun with it, and use each ‘day’ as inspiration for giving you an important safety and sanity tip for this year’s holiday season.   I’m certainly not a doom-and-gloom kinda person, however, just like we teach in Pet First Aid… prevention and knowledge is always key to having confidence and in keeping your pet healthy for your long life together. I hope you enjoy how I managed to make each tip correlate (some… very loosely) with the traditional 12 days of Christmas. I...

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Holidays From Our Pets’ Perspective: Insights For Keeping This Time Enjoyable For Everyone

The Holidays and our pets. We love them both. They can also cause us stress. Here are some insights on keeping these special times and relationships enjoyable for everyone.

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