Pet First Aid checklist – Congratulations!

Cheryl the DogGuru with DelilahCongratulations, you did it!

I’m SO Excited that you are here!

There are two things I want you to do right now:


1) Check your email inbox

Once you confirm your email address,
the FREE download of your Pet First Aid checklist
should be delivered within only a few minutes.


2) Print it out

(I know it’s paper… but trust me)

I want to be sure you will USE this checklist,

to shop for supplies and to fill your first aid kit…

then, keep it INSIDE the first aid kit,

so you always know what needs to be in there.  

(This information is hardly useful, unless you put it into effect.)

Don’t leave it until later…

(you don’t need one more thing to remember)

and you sure don’t want to wait until an emergency to realize you didn’t do it!!!

Thanks again for requesting the Pet First Aid checklist download!

I’m SO excited to have you in the DogGuru community.


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