Dog Training

Dog Manners Membership Program


    • Are you frustrated with you dogs ill behaviours?
    • Do you struggle with getting them to do what you want?
    • Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the entire family on board… happily!
  • Do you wish you could just push the ‘easy’ button, and fix this once and for all?
We are very excited to be running this new program… a revolutionary new way of doing dog training! 
There are tons of places you can go to get 6 week or 8 week classes, where you learn tools one week, and are expected to have mastered them by the following week.  Permanent change takes time, and lets face it, it takes a lot of practice, and most importantly it takes support!  You do not have to do this alone! 


I’ve had so many requests for me to start my training classes again, yet I know that we need to drastically revamp the way the dog training world does classes… so you can actually get the results you are looking for… once and for all!


Now, don’t get me wrong… my students DO make fast changes RIGHT AWAY… and they are thrilled about their results… however when you are looking to create a well-rounded canine… a perfect member within our human society… it takes a certain recipe in order to perfect the behaviours we want to create:
  1. Having a teacher that you love to learn from
  2. A whole lot of practice time
  3. and a healthy dose of coaching and accountability (There is no failure… only feedback!)


What are Dog Manners? 
First let me tell you what it’s not about… It’s NOT about control and domination and going against their will… or worse yet… breaking their will!


Dog Manners IS all about having a well-adjusted happy dog that lives within your lifestyle.  It’s about giving your dog what they need, so you can get what you need & want.


Dog Manners Classes are designed to provide you with tools AND the coaching to help you through the issues you have now, and then create the relationship you dreamed of having with your dog!


So what are you waiting for… take that step to making your life with your dog more managable and more enjoyable.



4 Month Membership $157+tax

6 Month Membership $197+tax

1 Year Membership $357+tax


Individual Dog Training Consultations $150 + HST per hour
(Additional costs may apply for Multi-dog households and travel)