Pet Professionals

As a Pet Care Professional, you love pets so much that you have now chosen (or perhaps just considering) to make a career out of it… dog walker, pet sitter, dog daycare…


        “Can I really do this?       Do I really have what it takes to work with pets?”


Who you are:

You’re so passionate about pets that you’ve decided that it’s time in your life, to actually work with them.  You really want to build a successful business, yet aren’t sure you have what it takes.  You may even feel guilty putting yourself out there as a professional when you don’t have the knowledge and know-how you wish you had.  You are afraid of making mistakes that you know you could avoid if you just knew how.  You know the information is out there, but don’t know where to start, and struggle to find a convenient way to bring it all to you.   You’re smart and eager to learn, as you love so many aspects of being in the pet biz, and you know it’s time to get even better in the areas you are lacking. Your biggest need right now is getting the training and certification so you can truly call yourself a professional.


What your issues tend to be:
Although you’re super-committed to making this positive change in your life and career, you’re confused and don’t know who to ask for help.  You so badly want to make a successful business out of working with pets, but right now you struggle, and you have this nagging feeling that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’, which may be part of what’s holding you back.  You want to be confident and present yourself the very best you can to your clients and potential customers, but know that you could really use some support in building yourself up.  All of this is creating some stress in your life, as you desperately want to know how to make steps in the right direction.  You have a lot of great ideas, but the results are not yet what you want them to be, and you know you can’t afford to learn through mistakes.


What you need most right now:
It’s time to learn and grow!  It’s time to get out of your own way, and realize that the quickest way to success is by learning from those who have gone before you… by taking the shortcuts.  (Yes, it’s not only okay to take the shortcuts… it’s one of the secrets of success!)  It’s time for action.  You need to get the education and certification  as a part of your success plan and the support to implement your plan consistently, so you can see results quickly.